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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Incredible Barack Obama impersonator... Pete Peterkin!

Meet an incredible entertainer that I've had the pleasure of performing with in Los Angeles. Pete Peterkin makes his TV DEBUT as BARACK OBAMA on LA's highly rated KTLA (CW)morning show. Also features Sam Rubin Eric Spillman & Gayle Anderson. For more info on Pete and the Many Characters Of Pete Peterkin go petepeterkin.com

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Students Play among the Stars in Branson

Here's a great article about the many performance and music workshop opportunities for student groups and their families who travel to Branson. The Hamner Barber Theater has hosted many student choir, band and dance groups who perform before the main show and often times have a private meet and greet session with the Stars of the Hamner Barber Variety Show afterwords. Our morning show Ricky Boen & Texas Mud offers the same activity to groups looking for a way to showcase their performance skills. It's a great way to experience a professional theatre environment, while having fun at the same time.

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Branson Christian News Delivers Hamner Barber

In 2007, Branson Christian News named the Hamner Barber Show as their pick for “Best Variety Show in Branson.” In 2008 and 2009 they are driving their opinion home by featuring a clever promotional ad on the side of their new delivery van.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Best Place to Say I Do? Branson, Missouri!

If you are planning on getting married, you definitely need to consider Branson as an ideal wedding and honeymoon location all in one spot. With mild weather year-round, Branson Missouri is a great place for holding the event and reception that follows. When attending a show before or after the wedding, be sure to leave a note at the box office when purchasing your tickets letting the stars know you are Newlyweds and they just may make your evening even more memorable. Follow the link for more Branson wedding ideas...

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The Art of Magic, Reza Style.

Meet an outstanding young illusionist whose career is quickly levitating to the top of his field… Magic Reza. He experienced early career opportunities performing in Branson, and is now touring the country with his own magical production show. His fresh, cutting-edge approach to magic has proven very popular...

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Giant Butterflies Invade Branson, Missouri

It's all for a great cause. Pick your favorite butterfly and support Branson's Christian Action Ministries...

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fly to Branson on a Solar Powered Plane?

Don't expect to book this years trip to Branson on a solar-powered airplane, but this is an exciting step towards that possibility. The new Branson International Airport opens in the Spring of 2009 and I think it would be very cool to see this 100% green, lean flying machine make a landing for the grand opening.

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5th Annual Branson Critic Awards

Branson Critic Online Magazine, The Fan’s Site, is currently accepting votes for the 5th Annual Branson Critic Awards.Award winners are determined solely by the number of qualified votes from fans and entitle the winners to include their award(s) in future promotional material.The Hamner Barber Variety Show has won a Branson Critic Award in the past, and we sure wouldn't mind having the pleasure again! (hint hint). Read more about it, and cast your votes today...

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Take in magic, music, comedy and critters | Hamner Barber

From the Springfield News Leader - Named the Best Variety Show in Branson in 2007, the Hamner-Barber Variety show features award-winning illusionists Dave and Denise Hamner (pictured) and International Ventriloquist of the Year Jim Barber. The Hamner-Barber Variety Show plays at 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday; 3 p.m. Sunday at the Hamner-Barber Theatre. Visit: www.HamnerBarber.com

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It's A Gas... Heat Map of US Fuel Prices

Check out this cool, color coded map that monitors the "temperature" of rising fuel costs across the country. Southwest Missouri ranks among the lowest gas prices in the Nation as of this posting. I guess Branson, Missouri really is one of the most economical places to visit for vacation by car or motorcoach.

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Cheech and Chong: Still Smokin'

I remember the first time I heard Cheech & Chong. I was in Junior High and it was in my friend Brad Blumenthal's house in Rapid City, SD. We closed the door so his mom wouldn't hear us laughing so hard. Cheech & Chong, the iconic stoner comedy team who began their career on the stand-up circuit nearly 40 years ago. Breaking up in 1985 citing creative differences, they've waged a contentious feud ever since. But Cheech Marin, 62, and Tommy Chong, 70, have reconciled and are about to embark on their first comedy tour in more than 25 years. Everything goes round in "smoke" circles...

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Branson Gives BIG to Midwest Storm Victims

Branson Gives BIG, is an event to raise money for families who were recently devastated by tornados and floods in the Midwest. Produced by the management, staff and entertainers of the Branson Star Theatre, proceeds from the event will go directly to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

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Free Branson Toolbar - Get Celebrity Interviews, News & More

Download the free, BransonWebcast.com Toolbar and turn your browser on to the latest happenings in the Live Entertainment Capital of the World... Branson, Missouri. Includes the fantastic Branson.com Toolbar for even more interactivity.

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The Coolest Cats in Branson - The Original Comets

A true pioneer in the world of Rock and Roll, Marshall Lytle is an original member of the world famous Bill Haley and the Comets and esteemed member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. The Comets recorded their #1 smash hit song “Rock Around The Clock” in 1954 and forever changed popular music around the world.

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